Winter winter

Best winter greetings for all,

I've had a looooooong study week, days from 8 a.m and sometimes even until 6 p.m. I hope that I've learnt something.
I'm glad I've had time to knit and do some sports, yesterday I was skiing (in the dark, I forgot my light home) after school. 
I'm working on a hockey player, but I ran out of blue yarn. I ordered new on monday but I didn't get it this week (hopefully it arrives next week, it should) so I had to make some other stuff.
The first project is my little winter princess bear, I used my gingerbear pattern. The yarn I used was one of those old ugly yarns I have in my stash. I made her a crown, she has been too busy playing with snow so it has almost fallen down and I used some silver yarn to crochet "snowflakes". She is pretty cute, don't you think?
I also knitted a baby cardigan and a hat. They're for my #uglyarn project. I had almost world's ugliest yarn, an old chunky fluffy yarn and I ran out while knitting the cardigan. That is the reason the sleeves are so crazy looking. The collar I made was a bit thight, so I had to exclude the 4th button. The hat is my own creation. I had a pattern for more chunkier yarn, so I just udjusted the gauge for smaller needles and changed the stitch pattern.

Next week I hope to have the ice hockey player ready. And I have still #uglyarn left, and I have no idea what to knit next with that....
 - Minttusuklaa