Hello all!
The picture above is my button collections, I absolutely love buttons and I think I've inherited that from my great-grandmothers, they all are deceased but I guess that everyone one of them (or at least 3/4) collected or had buttons treasured somewhere. Some of my collection comes from them, but mostly I just dig through the sales box in my local fabric shop.
But buttons are just so useful to add extra cuteness to the stuff you do, when I grow old I hope to have as good button collection as my grandmothers have and many nice projects where I've used those buttons :)

- Minttusuklaa

P.s. #uglyarn is going well, I've almost finished my Laptop case (pics coming soon), it is jus missing a zipper and I finally decided what buttons to use for my romper from last posting. My current project is also a wolleen babything and I'm just knitting the yoke (my first one and absolutely a pain). And after that I'm going to take break from #uglyarn and knit or crohet some toys.

Button cuteness #uglyarn