#uglyarn continues

Hello all,

My #uglyyarn-project is going quite well. I got projects number 2 and 3 done. Both are baby stuff, even though I'm not having kids in any near future. But I hope that my frineds get married and have kids. I had very old Novita Kotiväki yarn, I probably bought about ten years ago. Even before I had my blog.I found patterns from old sewing magazines, and did some modifications. All in all I'm quite happy. First project is a dress and I'm so happy with the result. I found the the dress chart in Ravelry.
Second project was some sort of a baby overall. The pattern was a disaster. First the instuctions were unclear and every measurement was totally wrong and that's way the bodice doesn't have a yellow stripe. I had to do so many adjustments. Well the result is pretty, but I guess very not-so-practical for a baby.

My next project is a laptop case from an old acrylic plum coloured yarn.