#uglyarn #stashbusting

my studies began this week and we've had lectures about different mental disorders (is that politically correct?) and because I don't bother taking notes, (maybe I should, but I still don't) I have time to knit and concentrate to what the lecturer is saying.

I went through my stash few days ago and I realised that I HAVE A LOT of ugly yarn or yarn that I have absolutely no idea what to do about it. All thath fluffy and furry yarn, what was I thinking when I bought it? Those earthgreenlittlefurrythings I've received from my friends. Yup, they come to me with a bag and say: Hey, I have a lot of unused yarn, maybe you can make something out of it? And I just can't say no. And then yarn that I've received as gift, I just can't throw it away, can I?

So I decide to make #uglyarn projects during my boring lectures and here is my first project: a cardigan for a kid. The pattern is just a basic cardigan pattern, and just to use yarn I added pockets and  the hood.

I'm quite satisfied actually. It took a week to knit and finish and the yarn I got from my dad is about used.

My next project is a dress, made from 14ply cotton yarn. And the hem is about halfway done.
- Minttusuklaa