Slow progress


Last spring I knitted two dolls and they've been hidden in my knitting basket and waiting for clothes and accessories. This weekend I just had the motivation to finish one of them:
The pattern is my own (and I'm not completely satisfied with it yet) and mostly I came up with it while knitting. I think I need to make one more, just to make the doll body pattern perfect.
The doll is knitted flat, overalls in round and the hair was just a pain in the neck.
Took forever to finish, but I'm happy. She is still missing shoes and a few finishing touches, but all in all I'm happy. Next time I just need to make a bigger head, and a bit bigger body and insert eyes lower. And maybe I'll add pockets to the overalls and porbably she needs a garden of her own.

The other doll is still unfinished, my youngest brother wants him to be an ice hockey player, any ideas where I can find knitted skates or a knitted helmet?

My #uglyyarn is also doing fine, I finished the dress and began knitting a baby overall. I've almost used that lila and yellow yarn from the last posting :)

- Minttusuklaa