Happy february :)


I have a winter sports holiday :) :) YAHOOOOOOOOO, haven't had a decent holiday for a while. So I took up this to finish stuff that I hadn't done during Xmas holiday. And I'm thinking a about a new desgin (those yarns are for that) and the legwarmer is still a UFO. But it is getting there.

My february and january have been quite hectic, going between my place and my boyfriends place takes a lot of time. He live about 150km from where I live. Is there anyone who can relate to what I'm going through with this not-so-long-long-distance-relationship?

And can you imagine it, I lost a pair of socks. They were supposed to be Xmas present for my sis, but I couldn't find them anymore after I had put them into my closet.


p.s. Next time a promise to have something that I've finished to show you