Coffee cup chart and pattern for frogs clothes

This is an edit for my previuos post as promised :)


Back and front piece are similar. On the front piece the is the coffee cup intarsia.
Make 2
Cast on 15 sts
Rib k1,p1 for 2
Begin the chart with K row and work the chart, every other row is a purl row (in total 19 rows). For back piece just knit st-st for 19 rows.
Next row: k4, [p1,k1] three times, k4
Next row: P4, cast off 7 sts, p4
Next row: K4, turn
Next row: Cast off p-wise 4sts.
Join the yarn to the other shoulder, k4
Next row: Cast off p-wise.

Sew shoulders together and pick up in total 12 sts from both sides of shoulder seam. Beginning with k row, st-st 4 rows. Knit in rib (p1,k1) 2 rows, cast off.

Sew the side seams together and finish off all yarnendings.
I embroidered the text COFFEE underneath the cup.

Cast on 4sts. With g-st knit for about 6 inches/16cm and cast off.

Cast on 8sts with brown yarn.
P1 row.
Next row: K1, [m1,k1] repeat [_] to end
Purl 1 row
Next row: K1, [m1,k7] repeat [_] to end
P1 row
Next row: K5, skpo, k3, k2tog, k5
P1 row
Next row: K5, skpo, k1, k2 tog, k5
Beginning with P row st-st 3 rows.

Sew the back seam of shoes and add shoelaces :)