Updates and random stuff

Seriously, I've decided that I utterly dislike moving! Packing boxes, wahsing dishes, cleaning up... Uuurrrgghhh. I really do not like it!! But I guess that moving out is just part of growing up and so on. Mum tells me that I'm a littel hamster, who just has collected "stuff" (random mugs, plates, towels etc.) all her life. Well I guess that's true, I have boxes full of plates under my bed and next weekend I get my own little flat (or a room) and now I need to pack my things, which is easer said than done. Preferably I'd just knit that hamster... 
I've made a few potholders and I think I need to sew curtains, cushions and stuff like that, any ideas for good patterns or tutorials?
The worst thing about moving out is that I already miss my little siblings and mum and dad, and my own old bed.

But I'm glad that spring is coming soon! I can't wait for small flowers and green grass and small leaves on trees.

All the best!