today is rainig... I don't like it, even thoug autumn is really nice. I did some cleaning after school and found batteries. So now I can share these with you:
On left, there's a knitted girl. I found the pattern free online, but I don't know where's the link for pattern. I just remember that the designer was Debbie Bliss.
On righ is my BOB Dalton (the little cousin of the Daltons in Lucky Luke) and the reward money was a lot. He was specielized in ice cream, but then he lost his memories and now he's a good guy. And my mom's ice cream is safe in the freezer. LOL...

The pattern is my own and super easy, I had some extra striped fabric so I decided to make something useful from it. I had some old skin colour fabric and I knew that those fabrics wanted to be a doll. Also my lil sis loved him and wanted to make one for her too. ^_^

Heippa taas! Mä siivosin tänään sadepäivän iloksi ja löysin jostain pari patteria, tungin kameraan ja sain muutaman kuvan otettua. Vasemmalla on neulottu nukke, jonka ohje oli ilmaisena netissä. En muista linkkiä, mutta ohje oli Debbie Blissin.
Oikealla on sitten Bob Dalton, joka ei varmaan esittelyjä tarvitse. Kuuluisa jätskirosmo, mutta menetti muistinsa ja nyt on kunnon kansalainen. Ohje on oma ja jopa niin simppeli, että 5v sai aikaiseksi tehtyä itselleen.

Happy rainy days!