Spring-is-not-here-yet feelings

Hello all,

I've had an amazing weekend and I hope you've had too. I and my boyfriend went to a Christian youth conference this weekend and it was really great :) Meeting new people and seeing old aquintances and sharing experiences is amazing.
And I had lectures earlier this week so I had time to do some knitting and finally had time to finish my lil bunny. The dress is a bit crazy coloured and with quite springlike colours
. One thing I'e noticed over years of knitting plush toys is that when you finally think that you've learnt to pick right needles to right yarn, something still goes a bit wrong in your gauge and the filling shows and there's nothing you can do about it... But never mind, I think she is still a cutie. The yarn is from Lidl (it is supermarket in Europe, a bit like Tesco in Britain) and was super cheap. I thought it would be pain to knit and look like a mess, but in the end I was surprised how well their cotton yarn works for bunnies.

I've also learn that mobile phones have good apps tp make pics look a bit better and yup, I love experimenting with that while taking pics of handicrafts. You should try that someday :)

- Minttusuklaa