Winter and so...

Well, it is totally snowing!!!! :) :) :) and I love it!
There is more than 30cm snow now and I'm so grateful, but beccause it is winter I had to make something that reminds me of summer and this time I crocheted a panda bear. Pattern is my own and still needs some fixes, but all in all I'm quite happy this little panda turned out. I like pandas and well quiten often we (meaning my boyfriend and I) call each other pandas. The reason is that after we've talked on the phone 'til 1am or so and school begins at 8am, you almost look like a panda bear ;)

The books I found from post-xmas sales. The left one is basic instructions to different knitting stitches and on the right is Tilda's Spring (yup, I'm also waiting for spring...). I also found a very good handbook about sewing (my little brother is borrowing that one right one, so it's not in the picture.

For me my Christmastime this year was a time to take a break from social media and TV-watching. You can't imagine how many different ideas or handicraft projects I have now. My patternbooklet got quite many new sketches and I organised my knitting patterns, sewing magazines and so on... So my advise is that if you really feel that your life is stuffed with everything and you think that you can't get anything done, so take a break from TV and start knitting :)


- Minttusuklaa