Amigurumi thoughts

Hello all,
I've had a week filled with great and not-so great happenings, my mobile phone broke on Tuesday and I had a few minutes to drop to a shop and buy a new one (well that almost went like I planned) and then there was a mix up with the operator and somehow I ended with someone else's phone number for a day, but that got sorted out in the end. But all in all I'm happy that I've had time to study and meet friends and do some sports and crochet amigurumi.

This time I made a turtle or a tortoise (I'm not sure which one this one is, haven't decided). I'm not gonna use these eyes, but probably just normal black eyes. I just had a random idea in my head and now I had time to crochet her. These are just random thought or ideas about making amigurumis that I've learnt these past years:
1) When you have an idea what to do next, write it down 😃
I have a booklet where I write down my ideas and patterns. I've noticed that if you have a head filled with good imagination and you get ideas out of almost-nowhere it easy quite to forget them also. Maybe having a mobile app will also help, just some basic journaling app is fine. Also if you are making your own pattern and you have a tricky place to figure out how to do, using a notebook and good old pencils is a good idea.
2) When you buy yarn, make sure you have enough
Well I tend to use my skeins for various projects and I haven't had that much problems with yarn, but sometimes when you don't have the yarn and it is an old stash yarn and it is discontinued, it might have been better just buy another skein
3) Well good stash is always a good stash, right? I don't think I need to say anything about that.
4) If you are not sure how to read the pattern, Google is a good place to start about how-to-do-that, I've found so many useful videos and explanations about patterns
5)Make sure you secure eyes properly and make sure you attach arms/legs/head properly. I tend to leave long yarnendings after finishing off different body parts and then I sew the parts together with those yarnendings. After the I secure them well inside the body.
6) If you happen to be teaching kids how to crochet or to knit, be encouraging or you haven't done amigurumis for long or you are new to corcheting, be patient, you'll learn eventually 😄 I thaught my sister to knit toys a couple of weeks ago, she made a mouse and she was quite disappointed with the result, all the stitches were sloppy and it had small holes. I took a needle and a hook and showed her how to do some first aid to large or tight stitches. In the end she made another mouse and now she is planning to knit the next one. I've showed her my old amigurumis that I've crocheted years ago, and surprise: those also have holes and uneven stiches. That's why I can say that practice is important with amigurumis 😉

These were just quick thought for this evening :)

- Minttusuklaa