I had a school-free friday and it was amazing! To sleep late and then do whatever I wanted and that of course was seiwng, crocheting and orienteering 😃
I received my new knitting needles and new safety eyes last week and my old needle case got too small for my knitting needles, so I had to make a new one:
This was about how I made it:How I came up with the size of pockets? First I had one piece of thick cotton fabric that was about the right size and the I counted all my needles I measured how wide pockets those needles needed. Smaller DPNs need a smaller place and then biggern like size 10 mm need a bigger place.
Good cotton fabric: I cut two rectangles about 67cm x 46cm and then for the needle pockets: one 32cm x 33cm for longest needles, 1 26cm x 18 cm, 1 62x18cm, 50cmx19cm

My needle stash + hooks
The basic idea was just to sew smaller rectangles to the the bigger: 1st the one for longer knitting needles and then for the shorter ones: And before attaching pockets to the recantgle I sewed the upper part of the pockets to look good.
1) I made the upper row: I just set the pocket for long neeedles and one pocet for DPN on the upper part of the big rectangle (just one big rectangle, the other is still intact, it's the back piece). I sticthed the sides and the bottom (leave top part open, this is where you'll insrt the needles)
2) Next I made the second pocket for DPNs, I sewed it on the previous sewn pockets (see picture), so that the bottom part of this pocket was in line with the bottom part of the pocket for longer needles. I sewed the sides and the bottom part.
3) The third pocket was attached similarly to others
4) And then I just sewed straight lines form bottom to to fit needles (I measured them and then made, for 3.5mm DPN the measurement between lines was about 1.5 cm and for size 10mm the measurement was about 4.5cm and the for size 5.0mm about 3-4cm, I hope that the picture helps)
5) The right sides facing each other I sewed the big rectangles together and left about 4 inch gap for turning, I also attached ribbons in between the fabric layers.
6) Then turned the whole thing around and sewed the opening and then cut all the yarn endings.

7) And it was done 😄
This was just a small how-to in case you need an idea how to make a knitting needle case, and there are lots of wonderful case tutorials if you Google them. Next I need to figure out how to organize my circular needles and hooks.

And P.S
I got my turtle from last week ready: