Few weeks until summer

Hello all,

I got my last examens done past week and now I have a couple of weeks some extra courses to study. This weekend I went through my fabric stash that is even bigger than my yarn stash, believe me. My boyfriend kindly said to me that after the wedding he doesn't want that all my fabrics fill the closets. He thinks that I have a problem with giving away my fabrcis, which is probably true :) So I did some oraginizing and found out that I also have a need for uglyfabricstashbusting -project so that what I've been planning this weekend and my list includes: few overalls and kid's dresses/shirts/leggings should be enough.
I also have nice fabrics from old dress projects that are going to be turned into decorations for the wedding. My youngest sister and I made few prototypes of the flowers we're gonna use. My poor fox from my last posting had to stay as a model with roses.
I spent last week going though dozens of different fabric flowerpatterns and how-tos (I didn't study as well as I ought to have). This pattern was from a sewing handbook I bough last year. It is basically a wide fabric piece folded in half and sewn together. Super easy and quick to make.
I haven't forgottenmy #uglyarn projects neither. I began knitting this sweater about two weeks ago, but I've just had too much to do. Well I'm having my summer holiday in couple weeks and then I'm gonna finish this one. This sweater is made from fingering yarn that I really hate. The yarn is sooo slow to knit. The color is not so bad and many people like the yarn, but I made first ever baby sweater from this yarn when I was probably 13 and I hated knitting it.
I still have the sweater hidden in my closet, no one has ever used it, probably because it is so small.

 Today I had a long phone call with my friend and I can do multitasking so I started crocheting a friend for my fox.
He is supposingly a horse 🐎, but I guess he looks a bit like a porcupine, the nose is a bit off, next time I need to make a bit longer.
Next I'm probably going to crochet a rabbit 🐇 or a bear, or maybe a squirrel would be cute, I've once tried but it turned out quite odd.

Happy may for everyone 😄