Getting things done


Weather is getting better and spring flowers are already blooming here. I love the smell and sound of sunny spring days when grass starts to grow and birds are having their early morning concerts. This week has been my 2nd to last week in school and I've been standing almost everyday for almost 6 hours straight, you can imagine how I've felt in the evenings.

Yesterday and today I stared cutting my sewing projects from the fabrics I mentioned last week, I still have a few more to make.Somehow I ended up making kid's clothes. My mom told me that when I was a small kid my godmother had done my clothes from the same fabrics, so these fabrics have been in my closet for quite some time.

I started planning my next amigurumi project. I've never seen a Eurasian lynx in the wild, so I'm planning to make one for me. I'm not sure how to do it yet, but its going to fun to figure out during my summer break. I bought Drops Muskat and those new safety few months ago and I want to do something out of instead of my #uglyarns...

As you can see I'm not the best artist when it comes to drawing (that is why I blurred the pictue a bit), but I think I'll manage with this rough draft. Hopefully I have something finished to show you next time. When I get a new amigurumi-idea I need quite quickly to write it down and normally a make sketch as a reminder about what I've been thinking. Sometimes I even draw the pieces separately just to get the hang of the shape of different pieces. I always think that the head is the hardest piece to make (well not always, when I was knitting my yellow monkey's feet, that was a hard thing to figure out).

And by the way: Blessed Mother's day for every mom!

- Minttusuklaa