Warm weather and warm feelings

Hello all,
My summer vacation is halfway thorugh and then I'm starting my practice. I went to my grandparents summer cottage and because it is so far away from my home and I had to time crochet during the drive. 
I know that not everyone can knit or read while driving, but for me I'm happy that I can use that time well and do something. When I was a kid I just felt sick in car but in high school I had to go by bus and I didn't like sitting in a bus for a long time so I started reading and knitting and somehow I manged to survive through those boring bus rides to school.

But this is what I made this week: a flowerfield dress for someone aroun 2 years. The pattern was from an old magazine I got from great-great-aunt years ago. I had stored purple yarn but I used all the yarn for my laptop case, but these yarns are way much cuter. I had decided to make this dress already when I first received the crochet magazine. 
First I thought that it was too hard to make, but in the end the chart was well written and even flower pattern was well made so the dress took probably just two days to make.
 I haven't done any crocheted clothes before because in my opinion knitting just looks better, but maybe I'll do something similar to this in the future. My little sister suggested that I should make another with hearts on it. I made the hem from my old dress' fabric that I haI just hope to find a little girl that can wear this dress 👸

- Happy end of May for everyone