Back to normal life

My studies still continue and I still do knitting during boring and not-so-boring lectures. Yesterday and today I've spent my time totally multitasking: Reading to a test/listening to a test/ Knitting, so it is time well spent.
I did an argeological adventure to my yarn stash and found my skin colour yarns and decided to test knit my own basic body pattern I had written down in April. The doll turned out nice, though it is still in pieces.I used DK yarn (drops muskat) and 2,5mm needles. Last time knitted the doll with 2,5mm needles and fignering yarn. I think this doll turned out a bit too large, but well, it is cute enough. I took over 100grams of yarn. Next time using DK yarn, I'm going to do some adjustments to the pattern to make the doll smaller.
My idea was to make a wedding couple, but I don't know about this one. I can picture it in baby or toddler clothes in my head mostly, which is totally crazy. It probably depends on the eye colour I decide to use.
I'm trying to get the basic body pattern to the point where I can publish it, but it still needs some fixes to it. The doll is done both knitting in flat and using DPNs. I like when I can use both techniques, it gives a fun feeling to knitting.
In the future I hope to do patterns that combinen both knitting and croheting, that would be so cool :)

P.s. Now I can finally say that I've finally moved out from my parents place, like after seven years of studying. Though I still have about 1/3 of my stuff in my old room that now belongs to my lil bro. And every time I visit my parents and use my old room, he comes in asks: What are you doing IN MY ROOM?. He even put a sign on the door that says it is his room. He is just so cute.