Old ideas


I've graduated from university and started working, and I already miss lectures (even the boring ones) and I've just realised how much I still have to learn and keep on learning.
It has been a task to find time to knit, going to work at 8 a.m and being back home at 16.30 and then cooking, household tasks and so on... It is quite a change in life.

This past month had a very cold weather and I had to dig up from the bottom of my parents' closet my knitted socks and I got an inspiration to pick up knitting needles after a while.

I've had an idea to knit  a lizard for about 10 years now and I thought that it would be challenging enough for this week. I didn't have a plan for on how to make the hands (or the 15 yr old me couldn't figure it out). My first sketch was green, but I didn't have that colour. So after a quick google search I decided on orange.

I had to reknit hands at least 6 times and thumbs are still missing (I figured out how to do that while knitting feet...) I made a mistake in the head, should have used orange more instead of yellow and the tail is tooooo short (well this lizard got scared and dropped it). And the neck is a bit floppy, should have sewn it better and with more stuffing.
I'll try to get the pattern published but at the moment it is just a mess in my sketch book...

And I just wanted to share this pic of my new little bunny :)